Just A Reminder~ Sunday, Mar 7 2010 

Just wanted to remind you guys that I have officially started updating Jade Valley, my new Sims 3 Prosperity Blog, over at JadeValley.wordpress.com. Check it out!

Prosperity Challenge Monday, Feb 8 2010 

Yes, I have begun one, and have a blog at http://www.wordpress.com/jadevalley.Though I won’t actually start posting stuff for a while, I will (and have been) posting some gameplay related stuff, family trees, etc. I also have a big technical problem for all of you smart people who are good at fixing custom content problems, and I would deeply appreciate it if you guys could help me out. Anyways, just thought I’d share a little of what’s been happening. Happy Simming!

Failure Sunday, Jan 10 2010 

Yeah. Every single save file from my game will not work. I literally have the exact same CC as before, and .backups aren’t working either. It’s funny that all of TS3’s many problems I was able to recover from, and the one time it’s not the game’s fault is the one time everything is ruined. So I obviously won’t be playing the Elseas anymore, and I’m considering writing a prosperity challenge for TS3. So stay tuned for that (I will post the link here if I decide to do so). It won’t be around for a while because I’ll be playing and writing way ahead so that way if things ever get out of hand again I won’t be such a horrible updater and I’ll be able to post something. So, I encourage you to check out the blogs I have linked here, all of them are great stories (a few have gone stale or were deleted though).

Happy Simming~

A Quick Update! Friday, Jan 1 2010 

Okay, I have somebody coming out to my house in the next few days to see if I can’t salvage any files from my old computer. However, I have been busy getting my game ready to transfer over to my new Mac.

*flashback to Christmas day*

Mom: Now you can move your games over to the Mac, and stop complaining to us about your crappy computer!

Me: Yeah, but since they’ll both still be used and working by me, I don’t really need to move my old games over. I’ll just put any new games I get on it.

Mom: Oh. Well then why’d we even bother buying it?

Me: Well it’s faster at everything.. I’m just too lazy to move everything I have over to it. Besides, its normally the game itself that prevents me from playing, not the computer…

*flashback ends*

Oh, if only I knew… I’ve learned by lesson now anyways, and I will be moving it to the Mac A.S.A.P., and so I spent the day getting framework and the actual game installed, so all I’ll need to do is move the save file and CC over and we’ll be ready to go! Oh, and the game looks so freaking awesome on this new computer! I can’t get over it!

It looks so much better! 😀 Anyways, I’ll update you guys as soon as I know if I can get the Elseas back.

Technical Difficulties (Revisited) Thursday, Dec 31 2009 

So after gettings the Sims working after this new fangled patch, some CC issues, and the installation of WA (which meant the reinstallation of all my CC and the entire game two times), I finally got the game to work. I got enough playtime in to get the whole ‘All About Mummies’ thing posted for you guys, and just started visiting the Elseas again. But, in case you couldn’t tell from the nice title of this post, my computer did not like this one bit. Basically, whenever I try to turn on the computer, I get the blue screen of death (yay!). This happens while attempting to work in safe mode, debugging mode, last known good configuration, and running Windows normally. I can’t even log on my computer, let alone salvage any of my school/sims stuff. I haven’t completely tried all my normal methods of fixing problems with this computer, and I”m seriously considering just moving everything to my Mac. I may just hire a professional to get the necessary files saved then completely scrap the computer. I’ll try and keep you guys updated, but I can’t promise anything. I may or may not have a old version of the legacy and it’s CC (we’re talking from before the birth of Nicholas old) on one of my 10 flash drives, so I may have to go on a scavenger hunt for it.

World Adventures- All About Mummies Monday, Nov 30 2009 

So I know I’ve failed at updating recently, but a lack of motivation and AP World History make it really hard to play the Elseas. However, I have explored the basics of it and such, so I figured I might as well give you guys something to read about, chieftly Mummies because I feel there’s not much information about them. (more…)

2.7 Bittersweet Saturday, Nov 14 2009 

Screenshot-29There’s a new seating area, complete with a nice fireplace as the center. (more…)

2.6 Another Crisis Friday, Oct 23 2009 

I told you I’d be back!

Screenshot-3“I’m going to phrase this is the nicest way I know how, Mom. Please stop staring and flirting with me, It’s very creepy. I’m married to your daughter and I’m 40 years younger than you!”

Tamara has gotten out of hand lately. (more…)

Technical Difficulties.. Sunday, Oct 18 2009 

Just to get it out there: This isn’t going to affect the next update, since I already have all the screenshots ready. However, if this isn’t resolved soon..

So, whenever I go from Buy/Build mode to Live mode, I get stuck with the little loading cursor and the buy/build interface, and the game basically freezes. This happens to all the households I’ve tried, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t a lot problem. Plus, since the game works fine while in Live mode, I doubt it’s actually a certain piece or furniture. The only new ones I’ve downloaded that could be causing the problems are all from ModtheSims or TSR. I can place all the objects fine.

And the only mods I have are NRAAS stuff, Teen Pregnancy, and NoNewspaper. I doubt any of those would cause this. However, I haven’t tested different save games, or uninhabited houses, so I’ll get back to you guys on that. If anyone has heard of this problem and knows a possible fix, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise I might have to evict the family, buy stuff, move them back in, and then adjust their money using familyfunds, which is not what I want to do. Update is about halfway done, so expect it about Tuesday.

—> News! This problem only happens in the one save file, so I’m going to try and transfer the lot into a new save file and see if that works. I might transfer the three sisters out as well, but I won’t promise anything. Wish me luck!

—> Okay, problem solved! Transferring to a new savefile worked, but in the process Michelle, Isabelle and Jenny were kaboomed.

Gah. Tuesday, Oct 13 2009 

Yes, I know I’ve been a horrible blog updater lately, it’s just that the second half of term 1 has gotten much much harder, and 4+ hours of homework a night does not make me motivated to play Sims and write about it. Considering I get home at about 4ish anyways. That, coupled with frantically studying to not fail my classes has given 0 time. I’m running on about 5 hours of sleep on weekdays and 6ish on weekends. So yeah, but lucky for you guys this is finals week and next term will be soooo incredibly easier on me so I’ll have time to update you guys on what’s been going on. This typing have eaten up the spare time that I didn’t have. Sorry for my late homework Mr. Widler! I’m honoring my responsibilites (sort of).

Wouldn’t that be weird if he read this blog? Haha, maybe he can give me extra credit for AP Chemistry since my founder worked as a scientist. So yeah. Next week = an update. I promise.

Oh, and the flu did not make this easier either.

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